Eyes on China
  Guizhou 2014
  1000 operations in August 2014
  Qinghai 2013
  300 operations in September 2013
  Qinghai 2012
  211 operations in September 2012
  Huan and Fujian
  400 operations in Hunan in September, 271 operations in Fujian in November 2011
  436 operations in September 2010
  Sichuan and Guangdong
  504 operations in September 2009
  518 operations in October 2008
  Inner Mongolia
  408 operations in July 2007
  372 operations in October 2006
  312 operations in July 2005
  about 300 operations in June 2004
  156 operations in August 2003
"Eyes on China - Qinghai 2012" Gala Dinner
On 9 June 2012, the “Eyes on China-Qinghai” Fundraising Gala Dinner was held in Sydney. About 500 distinguished guests attended the charity dinner. After the M.C.s acknowledged the official guests, Mr. William Chiu, chairman of ACPPRC, delivered a welcome speech, followed by 6 wonderful official speeches. Mr. Frank Chou, Honorary Senior Chairman of ACPPRC, presented a vote of thanks later.

At the gala dinner, the following official speakers had delivered their supportive messages:

H.E. Yan Yixin, Member of the Standing Committee of National People's Congress, Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of China Zhi Gong Party;
H.E. Duan Jielong, Consul-General (Ambassadorial rank) of the PRC in Sydney; Replica Watches
The Hon Senator Kate Lundy, Minister for Sport, Minister for Multiculturalism, Minister Assisting for Industry and Innovation;
The Hon Philip Ruddock MP, Shadow-Cabinet Secretary of the Federal Opposition;
Mr Daryl Maguire MP, Government Whip, Chairman of Asia Pacific Friendship Group, representative of the NSW Premier ;
The Hon Amanda Fazio MLC, representative of the NSW Opposition Leader. iwc replica watches

ACPPRC “Eyes on China –Qinghai” fundraising gala dinner was very successful. Everyone’s donation at this important event was incredibly helpful and will contribute to the whole charity project.
Eyes on China - Qinghai Charity Project
"Eyes on China – Qinghai" charity project for cataract operations was completed in August 2013. A total of 211 cataract operations have been conducted in Qinghai Tibetan Hospital. Those patients have regained eyesights and are enjoying normal life again. ACPPRC also donated medical equipment and helped to establish the department of Ophthalmology in Qinghai Tibetan Hospital, and then provided training to the local doctors.