Eyes on China
  Guizhou 2014
  1000 operations in August 2014
  Qinghai 2013
  300 operations in September 2013
  Qinghai 2012
  211 operations in September 2012
  Huan and Fujian
  400 operations in Hunan in September, 271 operations in Fujian in November 2011
  436 operations in September 2010
  Sichuan and Guangdong
  504 operations in September 2009
  518 operations in October 2008
  Inner Mongolia
  408 operations in July 2007
  372 operations in October 2006
  312 operations in July 2005
  about 300 operations in June 2004
  156 operations in August 2003
"Eyes on China 2014" Gala Dinner
On 6 June 2014, the “Eyes on China-Sichuan and Guizhou” Fundraising Gala Dinner was held in Sydney, joy organintlised by Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China (ACPPRC) and NSW Parliament Asia-Pacific Friendship Group. More than 400 distinguished guests attended the dinner.

At the gala dinner, Dr. William Chiu, chairman of ACPPRC, delivered a welcome speech. He said: "...... We have just been notified by Sichuan Provincial Government that they will not need us going to Sichuan for the 3rd time for cataract treatment. Sichuan Provincial Government has finally decided to eradicate cataract with a timetable within this year. I am glad that through our effort, at least a Province of China is prepared to take action to eradicate cataract in that Province."

"I Would like to specially thank a few friends here tonight who have been consistently support us over that many years. They are NSW Parliamentary Asia Pacific Friendship Group,Replica Watches the Hon. Philip Ruddock, he has missed our functions only a few times while he was not in Sydney; the Hon. Gladys Berejiklian who has been with us since she was in the Opposition; Dr. Meredith Burgmann, John & Trudy Mills who have joined our medical missions several times into remote parts ?of China and they are with us tonight even though they have retired from active politics; Dr. Jim Harrowell & Janelle, Dr. Stepan Kerkyasharian, Hon Amanda Fazio, Councillors Le Lam and Jeanette Wang, Peter Sinn, Eric? & Linda Wong, being with us all these years; last but not the least, all the personnel from the medical team who are here and those who are not present tonight. Without? all your consistent and persistent support,?we may not have achieved what we have been that succuss today!! Thank you very much mate!"

The following official speakers had delivered their very supportive messages:
The Hon. Philip Ruddock MP, Federal Government Chief Whip;
The Hon. Matt Thistlethwaite MP, Representative of The Hon. Tanya Plibersek MP, Deputy Leader of the Federal Opposition;
H.E. Li Huaxin, Consul-General (Ambassadorial rank) of the PRC in Sydney;
H.E. Rao Hongwei, Representative of H.E. Ambassador Ma Zhaoxu;
Mr. Mark Coure MP, Representative of the NSW Premier ;
The Hon. Ernest Wong MLC, Representative of the Leader of the NSW Opposition;
The Hon. Gladys Berejiklian MP, NSW Minister for Transport;
Mr. Daryl Maguire MP, NSW Parliamentary Secretary, Chairman of NSW Parliament Asia Pacific Friendship Group;

Mr. Xiangmo Huang, Senior Honorary Chairman of ACPPRC, presented a vote of thanks later. patek philippe replica watches


H.E. Li Huaxin, Hon. Ernest Wong MLC, and Mr. Greg Smith MP sang songs at the gala dinner. Their excellent performances helped to raise much more donations. Dr. William Chiu presented the letter of appreciation to the donors.

2014 Eyes on China - Guizhou Charity Project

Eyes on China-Guizhou 2014 charity project has been completed successfully in August 2014. 1000 poor cataract patients in Liupanshui City and the Qianxinan Buyi & Miao Autonomous County of Guizhou have been restored eyesight.

The delegation led by Dr. William Chiu, Chairman of ACPPRC, has a total of 32 members. It included 4 honorary guests, 2 ?guests from NSW Parliament Asia-Pacific Friendship Group : The Hon. Carmel Tebbutt MP and Mr. Jonathan O'Dea MP, ?another 2 guests from Lions Club International: PDG Allen Fraser and PP Pearl Lin.

The delegation attended the two opening ceremonies in two different places in Guizhou- Liupanshui City and the Qianxinan Buyi & Miao Autonomous County. ?They visited the local hospitals and ?witnessed the cataract operations. They also visited 2 of 10 schools rebuilt by ACPPRC donations in remote snow disaster-stricken area of Guizhou in 2008.


Extract from the Hon. Carmel Tebbutt's Letter to Dr. William Chiu dated on 27 August 2014

I wish to congratulate you and your team for another successful "Eyes on China" mission to Guizhou. It was a privilege to be a part of the initiative and see firsthand the difference it makes. I was particularly impressed to see how surgeons in China are now training other surgeons in cataract removal, demonstrating the sustainability of the initiative.

Eyes on China makes such a difference at the grassroots level, restoring people's eyesight, with all that means for their quality of life. It is also very important as part of the broader work of building relations and people to people links between Australia and China.

Again, congratulations and thank you for providing me with such an inspirational experience.