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Donation to NSW Rural Fire Service at the Harmony Cup Award Dinner

On the 21st of April, 2016 NSW Harmony Cup Invitational Tournament was held at Terrey Hills Golf and Country Club. The tournament was co-organized by Australia China Economics, Trade & Culture Association (ACETCA) and Australia Council for Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China (ACPPRC), presented by Australian Chinese Golf Association.

2016 NSW Harmony Cup Invitational Golf Tournament was supported by the Federal Government of Australia, State Government of NSW and the Department of Multiculturalism. The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP, Prime Minister of Australia, The Hon. Mike Baird MP, Premier of NSW sent through congratulatory messages to the event. It has attracted a large number of Australian government officials, community leaders and successful business leaders.

At mid day, Mr. John Alexander MP delivered a Tee-off Speech. In his speech, he emphasized on the significance of Harmony Cup to the social harmony. Dr. Amen Lee, Mr. Eng Joo Ang, Mr. Qiao Shixue, Mr. John Sidoti MP, Mr. Jonathan O’Dea MP and Mr. Tommy Jiang joined the tee-off ceremony after Mr. Alexander’s speech. The tournament lasted for 5 hours.

At the award dinner, Dr. Amen Lee OAM, Chairman of the organising Committee of NSW Harmony Cup Invitational Golf Tournament, Executive Chairman of ACETCA, delivered a welcoming speech. He said, “Australia is the most multicultural country in the world while New South Wales appears to be the model state of multiculturalism. It is our responsibility to create and facilitate social harmony. Golf is a borderless sport that could bring all people with different ethnic backgrounds together. The organisers of the cup would like to build such a social harmony platform to facilitate and enhance cultural harmony. We will donate to support NSW Rural Fire Service to protect our beauty forest sources in the state.”

Mr. Eng Joo Ang, Executive Vice President of ACPPRC, gave a speech on behalf of Professor Huang Xiaomo, Chairman of ACPPRC. Mr. Ang said that it was a pleasure for ACPPRC to work together with ACETCA to organize the Harmony Cup this year to promote multiculturalism in NSW and charity.

Representative of Premier of NSW, Mr. Jonathan O’Dea MP, Parliamentary Secretary of Trade, Major Events and Tourism delivered a speech at the event to thank the two associations for their efforts in promoting social harmony in NSW. Mr John Sidoti MP, representing the Hon. John Ajaka, Minister of Multiculturalism, gave a speech at the Award Presentation Dinner as well.

Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmon of Rural Fire Service attended the event and accepted the 10,000 donation from the Organising Committee of 2016 NSW Harmony Cup Invitational Golf Tournament on behalf of the Service.