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Visited the Bear Cottage with NSW Premier

On the 7th of August 2015, Mr Xiangmo Huang, President of ACPPRC, visited the children's hospice, Bear Cottage in Manly with the Hon. Mike Baird MP, the Premier of New South Wales.


Mr. Huang supported the children’s end of life caring center with another $100,000 donations in August, after an initial donation of $100,000 in February. The fund will be used to support the volunteer program of the cottage, allowing the cottage to have 140 volunteers adequately trained and managed. The fund will also provide them with uniforms and other resources to provide care and assistance to the patients. Besides the donation, he also donated 50 stuffed teddy bears as special presents for the children.

“Bear cottage will provide support for children and families. Children are the most precious gifts and looking after children with illness requires courage, strength and help. Bear cottage provides more than medical care, it also aims to take some pressure off parents. We appreciate the generous donation from Mr Huang, which will enable the Bear Cottage to extend its priceless support,” Mr Baird said.

Bear Cottage was initiated by the Children’s Hospital, Westmead. The Cottage is the only children's hospice in New South Wales, one of only two in Australia. The majority of families who visit Bear Cottage are from New South Wales. The cottage relies on donation to provide free of charge service for the patients and their families.