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Donation to Kaohsiung City Cerebralpalsy Association

In June 2015, President Xiangmo Huang led a ACPPRC delegation to visit Taiwan. During its stay in Taiwan, ACPPRC delegation donated five million Taiwanese dollars to Kaohsiung City Cerebralpalsy Association. Mr. Xiangmo Huang personally donated two million Taiwanese dollars. Dr. Frank Chou, Dr. Gary Lam, Dr. Wing To, Mr. John Zhuang, Mr. Chun Yan Lin, and Ms. Pei-Ling Yeh donated NT$500,000 each.

At the presentation ceremony, President Xiangmo Huang said that the Chinese nationals throughout the world were of one family; when one party was in need, people from four corners would come to their assistance, which was the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation; it was not only the obligation of us the overseas Chinese, but also our wishes to make our modest contributions for the wellbeing of the residents in both the mainland and Taiwan.