Eyes on China
  Guizhou 2014
  1000 operations in August 2014
  Qinghai 2013
  300 operations in September 2013
  Qinghai 2012
  211 operations in September 2012
  Huan and Fujian
  400 operations in Hunan in September, 271 operations in Fujian in November 2011
  436 operations in September 2010
  Sichuan and Guangdong
  504 operations in September 2009
  518 operations in October 2008
  Inner Mongolia
  408 operations in July 2007
  372 operations in October 2006
  312 operations in July 2005
  about 300 operations in June 2004
  156 operations in August 2003
"Eyes on China - Hunan and Fujian 2011" Gala Dinner
On 5 September 2011, the "Eyes on China - Hunan and Fujian " Charity Gala Dinner was held in Sydney. More than 400 distinguished guests attended the fund-raising dinner. After the M.C.s had acknowledged the Official Guests, Mr William Chiu, Chairman of ACPPRC, made a welcome speech, followed by 7 wonderful official speeches. Then Mr Frank Chou, Senior Honorary Chairman of ACPPRC, presented a vote of thanks at the end.

At the gala dinner, the following official speakers had delivered their supportive messages :
The Hon Senator Matt Thistlethwaite, representing the Prime Minister of Australia.
H.E. Duan Jielong, Consul-General (Ambassadorial rank) of the PRC in Sydney
H.E. Zhang Wei, representative of Ambassador of the PRC to Australia Breitling Replica
The Hon Philip Ruddock MP, representing Federal Leader of the Opposition
The Hon. Barry O’Farrell MP, NSW Premier
Ms Sonia Hornery MP, representative of NSW Opposition Leader

A brief inauguration ceremony of the sixth term of executive committee of ACPPRC also had been held during the fund-raising dinner.
Send off Party for "Eyes on China" Team members
The Hon. Barry O’Farrell,rolex replica watches NSW Premier, invited ACPPRC "Eyes on China" team members to have afternoon tea in his conference room at Parliament House on 8 September 2011. He commended the work of the ACPPRC and particularly all those involved in the upcoming "Eyes on China - Hunan and Fujian" initiative.
Eyes on China - Hunan Charity Project
"Eyes on China – Hunan" free cataract treatment project was completed in September 2011. In total 400 cataract operations have been conducted in Hunan province of China. Those patients have regained eyesights and enjoyed normal life again. ACPPRC also donated medical equipment to local hospital.
Eyes on China - Fujian Charity Project
"Eyes on China – Fujian" free cataract treatment project was completed in November 2011. In total 271 cataract operations have been conducted in Fujian province of China. Those patients have regained eyesights and enjoyed normal life again. ACPPRC also donated Lenses to local hospital.

Reflections: Eyes on China - Fujian 2012

By Kerryanne

Eyes of China brings together the best Chinese and Australian medical teams to perform free cataract operations on China’s most deprived citizens. It was a great privilege for me to assist in helping so many people among these warm and kind natured individuals.

I and a team of highly skilled volunteers worked tirelessly over the week. The satisfaction of improving the quality of life of the vision impaired buoyed our spirits. It did not matter how far we travelled, how tired we were, or how many hours we worked – morale was always high. Our singular aim was to perform as many procedures as humanly possible in the time we had.

I experienced a personal journey during this mission like no other. I leave China with enormous respect for the wonderful and kind team of Chinese nurses with whom I worked for many hours everyday. The nurses and I did not speak the same language, but we overcame this barrier to galvanise as one to offer our help. Australians view ‘mateship’ to be the highest form of respect and friendship we can express toward anyone. I have made lifetime friends and formed a common bond of ‘mateship’ with many individuals.

The opportunity to be a volunteer in Guangdong and Longyan Hospitals, in the knowledge I was a part of a team that was making a significant difference to the lives of hundreds of China’s citizens, left me rich with self-satisfaction and affection for the people of China.????

Thank you