Eyes on China
  Guizhou 2014
  1000 operations in August 2014
  Qinghai 2013
  300 operations in September 2013
  Qinghai 2012
  211 operations in September 2012
  Huan and Fujian
  400 operations in Hunan in September, 271 operations in Fujian in November 2011
  436 operations in September 2010
  Sichuan and Guangdong
  504 operations in September 2009
  518 operations in October 2008
  Inner Mongolia
  408 operations in July 2007
  372 operations in October 2006
  312 operations in July 2005
  about 300 operations in June 2004
  156 operations in August 2003
Eyes on China-Inner Mongolia Charity Gala Dinner
On 20 April 2007,the "Eyes on China -Inner Mongolia" Charity Gala Dinner was held in Sydney.

Official speakers were as below:
H.E. Guo Dongpo, Chairman of the Committee for Liaison with H.K., Macau, Taiwan & Overseas Chinese,  CPPCC National Committee
NSW Premier’s Rep, Hon.Virginia Judge MP
Ambassador of the PRC Rep: H.E. Mao Runlong Counselor
Hon. Bob Carr, Former Premier of NSW
H.E. Qiu Shaofang, Consul-General of the PRC in Sydney

Other official guests present were
H.E. Chen Jie, Vice Chairman of the Committee for Liaison with H.K.,Macau, Taiwan & Overseas Chinese, CPPCC National Committee
Hon. John Aquilina, Leader of Labor Party in NSW Parliament House
Hon. Meredith Burgmann, President of the NSW Legislative Council
Hon. Lynda Voltz, MLC of NSW
Hon. John Mills, Chairman of NSW Parliamentary Committees
Hon. Jeff Hunter, Chairman of NSW Parliament Asia-Pacific Friendship Group
Mdm. Li Yanduan, Deputy Consul-General of the PRC in Sydney
Mr. Zhu Xiaochuan, Economic & Trade Counselor
Mr. Bai Gang, Education Counselor.
Mr. Enoch Yuen, Deputy Director of H.K.E.T.O. of the H.K.S.A.R.
Councilor Ernest Wong, Deputy Mayor of Burwood
Hon. Nick Bulkus, former Immigration Minister
Hon. Helen Sham-Ho, former MLC of NSW
Mr. Darryn Webster, Senior Adviser of the NSW Premier’s Department
Prof.Frank Billson,AO., Head of Sydney Uni.'s Discipline of Clinical Ophthalmology & Eye Health
many Medical Team Members who had volunteered to previous Eyes on China Projects.

William Chiu made a welcome speech. Many Official Guests commended and pledged support to ACPPRC’s Eyes on China Projects -- a much needed charitable project which generated enormous goodwill and an ever lasting friendship between Australia and China.

Including the value of the medical equipments donated, a total of more than $200,000 had been raised for this heartwarming worthwhile cause. On behalf of ACPPRC, the Honorary Senior Chairman Mr.Frank Chou presented a vote of thanks to all.
"Eyes on China - Inner Mongolia " Official Opening
Official opening of "Eyes on China-Inner Mongolia " free cataract operation was held on 6 July 2007 in Ordos and Xilinhot of Inner Mongolia, China.